CFRP tunnel repair / GF+PA12 anchor for infrastructure Vol.006


Today, CFRP tunnel repair / GF+PA12 anchor for infrastructure will be introduced as new technology in Japan.


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Background of infrastructure in Japan

There are many mountains in Japan.

Because of landscape feature, there are many tunnels here.


But tunnels will become deteriorated by water, land pressure, and thermal cycle etc.

Tunnel inner walls are collapsed, and people died by its accident in past years here in Japan.

One of the reasons of it comes from the truth that it took more than 30 years since they are built.


There are some companies which are focusing on “repair ” of infrastructure including tunnels.

KFC Ltd. is one of the companies, doing the business related to the repair.


KFC Ltd. in Japan, focusing infrastructure repair

Some of their technologies are based on composite materials

CF sheet technology is based on carbon fiber (woven or UD) with water resistance matrix resin system.

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CF woven / UD composites for tunnel inner wall repair

The page of

shows summary of the method.

Dry carbon fiber base materials are put on inner walls of tunnels.

After that, matrix resins are impregnated by rollers.

As final step, top coating will be put on it to achieve smooth surface.


CR200 is carbon fiber woven composite system with 200g/sqm fiber areal weight.

Main purpose of applying it is to avoid delaminating of inner walls.


UD200 is carbon fiber UD composite system with 200g/sqm fiber areal weight.

Main purpose of applying it is reinforcing tunnels.

Fibers of this products are aligning only one direction,

therefore both circumferential and longitudinal direction to get enough material properties for reinforcing tunnel inner walls.


Anchor by GF/PA12 composites

Another technology is anchor by GF/PA12.

The technology is mentioned in the page below.


The red area of the page above is GF/PA12.

The process summary is below;

1. Making the hole of the wall where we want to insert anchors

2. Remove unnecessary dust in the hole

3. Put anchor (GF/PA12) into the hole

4. Drive insert stick in to the anchor, and then anchor is fixed in the hole


15 wt% glass fibers are impregnated by PA12.

GFRTP composites show high corrosion resistance against water.

This is the reason why GFRTPs were applied as anchor material.


Composites are very useful for infrastructure maintenance and achieve long life.

Scraping and Building concept will not be always accepted because many countries are thinking sustainable earth like SDGs project.

SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals )


The concept regarding infrastructure by high water resistance composites would be more major in the near future.


More info:

KFC Ltd.:

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