CEO of FRP Consultant Corporation has over 10 years’ experience in aircraft engine design and was a material engineer, performing new CFRP material certification for aircraft turbo FAN engine parts, start-up production line of CFRP parts in the U.S., and new FRP material research. JEC “innovation award in 2012” was awarded regarding CFRP vane parts for the aircraft engines.

Research full papers were also published in Polymer Journal, Polymer Composites and etc. as CFRP material research results. Specialized areas are organic chemistry and material engineering. Now CEO of FRP Consultant Corporation, located in Japan, and conducting engineering support for companies is main business. Engineering advise and support based on practice in the R&D field has been successfully had reputation from customers.

The representative consulting services are:

  • Composite material design
  • Composite material testing
  • Mold die design for composites
  • Manufacturing composite parts
  • Inspection for composite parts
  • Quality control system design
  • Bonding / Adhesion
  • Material / Process spec preparation
  • Component testing
  • Engineer education for composites
  • ?New engineering strategy
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