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Spot seminar Short term consulting Medium term consulting Long term consulting Unlimited term consulting

There are various kinds of requirement regarding the output of consulting. And support term has great impact on the output level, based on our support history.

Therefore, the consulting menu has been updated considering optimizing its structure.


The consulting fee has been changed by the condition like;

– Do you need face/face meeting?

– Would telephone/web-conference/E-mail be enough for supporting?

– Is it necessary for FRP consultant to prepare presentations, material/process specifications, or related engineering reports etc.?


 You can contact us via this page.


Spot seminar / Spot consulting 

Very basic engineering knowledge lecture is one of the example of consulting. If you consider about the consulting which covers FRP industry trend or basic engineering seminars, this menu would be proper.

You can visit page for spot seminar to review more detail from here.


The consulting term is basically within a few of days.


Short term consulting 

Very limited issue consulting or consulting trial will be covered by this consulting menu. This menu shall be very effective if you have figured out the consulting needs and limited.

Understand current status and directional proposal for solution is one of consulting examples.


The consulting term is basically within 10 days.


Medium term consulting 

Soft media like material / process specifications and supplier audit is one of the representative support examples. After hearing the current condition and understanding issues, soft media preparation support including basic structure advise and proposals for specifications and audit.

By this support, you can get specification or audit document.


The consulting term is basically a few of months.


Long term consulting 

Consulting support regarding improving company system, problem solution, or business strategy in Japan will be one of the requirements from clients is representative case. After preparation of soft media like specifications or reports, it is very important to make them active in their actual daily business.


As business strategy support in Japan, proper engineering information spread for customers in Japan will be designed and proposed, considering business condition in the country.

– What kind of engineering data shall be prepared?

– How to show to customers in Japan?

The points above are representative strategy support contents.


The consulting term is basically 6 months to 1 year or more.



Unlimited term consulting

Support of innovative company system and new business development is proper target for this consulting menu because support can be conducted very effectively and steady by automatically extended contract term. Education for engineer is thoroughly proceeded to achieve the company base for company system optimization. New business development support is also very important target. Company business strategy for the future success should be achieved on the basis of your company’s advantage like unique technologies.



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