Article regarding Composite Parts’ Drawings in JEC Composite Magazine


Article of Product drawings for FRP Composites

Shuichiro Yoshida, CEO of FRP Consultant Corporation, contributed title of Product drawings for FRP Composites to JEC Composites Magazine #140.


JEC composites magazine 140

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Summary of the article

Product drawings of composites is the highest priority engineering document. But there does not seem to exist drawing standard all over the world. We try to summarize the key points for the drawings including;

– Outline of drawings

– Relationship with process and material specifications

– Basic engineering contents need to be included in drawings

– How to prepare requirement of visual inspection, tolerance, layup configuration (ply table), and Non-destructure inspection


Manufacturing technology like machining and molding would be focused in many cases.

But products, made by composites, will not be manufactured without drawings, and it should be the “starting point” for products.


This kind of basic knowledge would be very important wide range of suppliers like design, materials, machining, molding, and inspection.


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