New type of composites by Limestone


What kind of materials are you imaging, if you are asking about “composites”?


Many of people would answer fiber reinforced plastics, concrete, trees, bamboos and so on.

TBM Co., Ltd proposed totally new type of composite materials, mainly made of LIMESTONE.

Today I would like to introduce TBM’s approach.

There exsits plenty of limestone on the earth

Photographed by Viviana Camacho

Below is the introduction of TBM Co.,Ltd.



Advantage of limestone


There exists plenty of limestone all over the world. It’s kind of “A Part of Earth”.

It should be totally Natural Material.

Also, most of countries can mine it.

This truth leads many countries to 100% self-sufficient of material supply.


Second, it is easy to be recycled with high efficiency.

TBM has technology for recycle process.


The advantage of limestone should be important for SDGs achievement.



LIMEX for composites


LIMEX is the name of new developed advanced material, made of limestone.

Building block of LIMEX is calcium carbonate (CaCO3).


LIMEX is originally developed for PAPERuse.

LIMEX paper does not need “any trees and water” during manufacturing.

This unique feature would be big steps for sustainable world.

The alternative paper showed high water proof and durability.


It is mentioned on the page here.


LIMEX can be also used as reinforcement for thermoplastic composites.

Currently short glass fiber is used for it but LIMEX would be alternative materials for thermoplastic composites.

Some of examples can be reviewed here.


LIMEX can be applied various kinds of molding methods like injection, inflation, and extrusion etc. with conventional machine specifications.


TBM developed Bio LIMEX made of LIMEX and bio materials.

This contains little plastic, made by petroleum, and limestone contributes to cost reduction by their own plenty supply condition.

Bags with Bio LIMEX has already been adopted a few of international summit.



TBM is also targeting “Upcycling”.

Their concept is to achieve higher value via cycling process.

If products are changed to higher value one, business success would be close, and the action should be sustainable.



Many of composites use one-way-use materials like thermosetting resins, inorganic fibers and so on.

Earth environment protection with sustainable material cycle is one of the highest focused topics now.

Application and development of new type of composites like LIMEX would be next steps for composite industries in all over the world.



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