Time correlation image sensors for surface inspection


As you know, surface condition is sometimes especially important for automotive for example.
Top coating is sometimes put on composite surfaces visual performance.
Passing visual requirement like Class A is one of the keys for composite application spreading.

But it is not easy to detect surface defect of complex 3D configurations.
Well-experienced inspectors are checking them basically.

RICOH ELEMEX Corp. in Japan released new type of surface inspection systems with time correlation image sensors.


Feature of time correlation image sensors

Since it has the ability to record the time change of the light that reaches each pixel of the captured image, it can be applied differently from ordinary cameras.
For example, the speed and direction (optical flow) of a moving part in an image can be displayed from one image data, and the surface of an object is illuminated by a rotating light source such as red, blue, or green.
By doing so, the material making up the object, changes in unevenness and scratches are displayed in different colors.

The time-correlated image sensor controls the high-speed projector and periodically changes the light intensity to detect coating/plating surface defects that are difficult to detect.
Once the stripe pattern is projected on the screen, the special lens projects the stripe pattern on the inspection work surface.

Basic process can be reviewed in the video below.


Inspection accuracy

Summary of inspection accuracy is shown below;
* Paintwork: 1.0mm diameter cissing, 3-4 micro concave, 10mm length scratch
* Plating: 0.2mm diameter stain, 0.4mm diameter dent, 1.0mm length scratch

This inspection system can inspect on glossy surface


This kind of inspection system can be also applied to composite glossy surface like top coating.
The merit of the system is that all process is automated.
Inspection quality is going to be low variety and high robust.

This kind of automated inspection system will be useful for composite surface inspection.


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