High anti corrosive composite manhole


 Anti corrosive properties are now highly required by infrastructure deterioration

Today I would like to introduce composite ( FRP ) manhole.


Long life and maintenance free requirement for manholes

Manhole is the cap to close the hole of water supply and sewerage, or electric systems.

In summer season, temperature and humidity is very high in Japan.
Because of this climate, metal manholes were corrosive in a relatively short term.
Such kinds of infrastructure maintenance have been hardship for local government by budget limitation.
So high corrosion resistance property is highly required.


FRP manhole manufacturer in Japan

KURIMOTO TRADING CO.,LTD. has released composite manholes to meet the needs above.

The summary information about it is available as below:
( Only in Japanese )

They manufacture FRP manholes whose size is the range from 300 to 1000 mm diameters.

Top surface condition and design is modified, depending on the application. The examples are;
– Very light design and anti-slipping surface for walk roads
– High load resistance structures for driving roadway
– Heat insulating surface heat storage tank


Fracture load of FRP manholes ranged from 40 to 200 kN.
Packing function for deodorization and/or water sealing can be also applied.
Manhole color of gray, green, and black is available.

Product specifications are available below ( Only in Japanese );
* 300 – 600 diameters: http://www.kurimoto.co.jp/kurimototrading/prod02/pdf/specification/specification_MK300-600.pdf
* 700 – 1000 diameters: http://www.kurimoto.co.jp/kurimototrading/prod02/pdf/specification/specification_MK700-1000.pdf


Similar companies in Japan can be shown as below ( Only in Japanese ):
* MIYAJI ENGINEERING CO., LTD.: http://www.miyaji-eng.co.jp/frp/manhole.html
* Daikure Co., Ltd.: http://webc.daikure.co.jp/bridge/frp.html



The FRP advantage of Anti-Corrosion should be more applied to wider range of applications. Especially infrastructure is very important category in all over the world.

FRP manhole would be the initial step to understand its merit for infrastructure industry.



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