New type thermoplastic composites by NCF / Non woven

New type thermoplastic composites by NCF / Non woven is now available in Japan.
This news is mentioned in this month mail magazine.

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Today we would like to introduce very unique material made in Japan.

The material is applicable for continuous press molding process though thermoplastic resin system.
The product name is SHIMTEQ (TM) NCF Resinply.
Material configuration is based on NCF and Thermoplastic Film or Non Woven Fabrics.

This material has been released on 2018 and you could review the press release below.

Material features seem to be four points.

1. Design flexibility
2. Grant drapability
3. Labor saving molding process
4. Stable quality of molded article

The manufacturer SHINDO IM Company seems to have capability to prepare customized design products.
Example of design would be;
◆Fiber selection Carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, etc. 
◆Thermoplastic resin selection Types of resin available are polyamide (PA), polyethylene (PE), 
polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and so on. Form of the resin: nonwoven fabric or film. 
◆Areal weight NCF layer areal weight: 75?300 g/m2 Thermoplastic resin areal weight: total 20?400 g/m2 
◆Layered structure NCF orientation angle: +30°?90°, ?30°?90°, 0°

NCF + Thermoplastic resin film/non-woven fabric enable us to achieve very flexible drapability.
Also, areal weight (area weight) could be set up, even though various layers. 
It should lead to save layup up process.

The lay up process seemed to be shortened by 40%?60% as compared to that required
for unidirectional materials and general NCFs without using resin films.

Basically, thermoplastic resin system is more stable than thermosetting.
NCF Resinply is therefore stable properties.

I believe this new kind of thermoplastic composite material should have potential for industry use.
The process time shortening is of course important, but currently thermosetting resin systems
has been much improved to achieve short curing time.

But easy storage condition of thermoplastic composite material has a big advantage compared with thermosetting one.
Especially, we think about mass production, quality control requirement should be one of the highest priorities.

Thermoplastic resin system composite should not be stored in freezer nor refrigerator. 
This “easy for storage” was pretty important when I was a project leader of the composite manufacturing production 
preparation in the United States.

If you need to image mass production, we need to have wide eye position, not focusing cost.

SHIMTEQ Resinply is very interested material and you could try it 

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Composite Product Developing Flow and Important Points ( in Japanese only)

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- Engineering Magazine Serialization “ MACHINE DESIGN”:May 2019
Title: What is the difference between thermosetting and thermoplastic of composites?

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I am glad to start this mail magazine.
Information about composite in Japan is sometimes difficult to collect the information.
On the other hands, technology and/or business in Japan has very big potential for other countries.

We are going to share unique composite technology/company information via this mail magazine.
I wish this information would be breakthrough for the next step for readers.

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