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Fiber orientation and distribution is very important for composite molding design.


Anisotropic feature of composite material will affect on both of physical and mechanical properties.

This feature is dominated by fiber orientation and distribution.


Composite design engineers are always trying to understand it by optical and electronic microscope or etc.

But is should be very hard work to proceed the process.


Today I would like to introduce innovative fiber orientation and distribution inspection technology.

The technology name is TEFOD ( Thermal Evaluation of Fiber Orientation Distribution ).


Feature of technology is;

[ Non destructive ] Applicable to non destructive and complicated shape products

[ Quick ] Speedy measurement at 1 minute per point

[ Quantitative ] Quantify fiber orientation and thermal diffusivity


Basic instrument specification of TEFOD is;


– Measurement object: ???? Thermal diffusivity, It is possible to grasp the fiber state in the sample. ( orientation of fibers, disperision of fibers ), distributoin

Measurement time:??????????? About 1 minute per point

Operating Temperature:?? Room temperature

Stage displacement:?????????? Sample stage 100 * 200 [mm]

Laser diode:???????? ????????????? Wavelength__638 [nm], Output max__0.4 [W]

Radiation thermometer:???? Element__InSb, Cooling method__Elecronic cooling

Power supply:????? ????????????? AC100 [V], 50/60 [Hz], 5 [A]


All information above is referred from the URL below.


As you can see, fiber orientation and distribution is measured by the property difference of thermal diffusion.

Sample is heated by laser and temperature change is monitored by IR camera from bottom surface of it.


Do you know the difference of coefficient of thermal conductivity ( COE ) between reinforcing fibers and matrix resins?


Below is the representative value of COE.

( Unit of COE is W/mk. )


* Reinforcements

Carbon ( PAN ) : 10-150

Carbon ( Pitch ) : 140-620

E-Glass : 1.03

S-Glass : 1.05

( Referred from Composites Handbook in Japanese )


* Matrix resins

PA : 0.27

PS : 0.25-0.34

EP : 0.30

AC : 0.21

PP : 0.20

PC : 0.23



, others by )



Also, another question.


Do you have clear idea what COE is?


COE can be explained like;

The ratio of the heat flow perpendicular to the unit time through the unit area of the isotherm inside the object and the temperature gradient in this direction


Is it clear? If not, I propose to watch the video below.


If you can understand COE and TEFOD, you could now understand why fiber orientation and distribution will be measured.

Heat diffusion distribution is strongly affected by COE because if COE is high, more heat is diffused in-plane direction.

In FRP composites, fiber showed higher COE, so heat is diffused in priority basis, compared with matrix resins.


Therefore, we can see the heat diffusion chart as shown



On the other hands, I believe that this technology has also issue.


The heat diffusion is inspected form bottom surface of the sample.

Because of this measuring method,

I have a question of how much thickness can be measured by TEFOD.

This point needs to be considered.


In addition to it, we need to understand that measuring area is “point”.

If many data points are measured, distribution would be understood.

But we need to see the measured area is limited as measured point size.



I have mentioned a few of comments but TEFOD is very innovative measuring technology.

You can do inspection trial too, so I would recommend to contact via page below.



I hope such kind of quantitative fiber orientation and distribution technology would be standard.

Then, composite design and material evaluation engineering should be advanced.




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Our CEO will put on seminar stage.


– Webinar / Seminar

2019/9/18 (Wednesday) 10:45-16:45

Location: Ota Cty Industrial Plaza (PiO)

Postal Code 144 ? 0035

20-20-1 Minami Kamata Ota Ward, Tokyo, Japan


Key note of Composite Stable Quality Control in Mass Production ( in Japanese only)


(in Japanese only)


* This seminar can be also watched via online live system.




– Engineering Magazine Serialization “ MACHINE DESIGN”:June 2019

Title: There are very few material specification for composite though it is very normal in metals.

(in Japanese only)




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Professional baseball is very popular in Japan.

Our company headquarter address, SAITAMA, has also the team.


I would like to watch the game on the ground,

but it is difficult to get the sheet even though weekdays.


Professional baseball team is now trying to get new guests like young family and women.

To achieve the goal, the team plans events like below;


– Family day: Price down for family more than 3 persons

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Professional baseball game watcher segment is changing and changing.



I hope I could get weekend ticket by end of this season.



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Engineering Magazine Serialization “ MACHINE DESIGN”

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