FRP tornado shelter to save their lives


The news regarding FRP tornado shelter were reported from the United States.


Uday Vaidya, Ph.D. in University of Alabama at Birmingham ( UAB ) decided to start his research about the FRP tornado shelters when he saw the news that more than 200 people death and 2000 injuries by the tornado in April 2011.


Main course of the damage to people is the rubbles and debris by the high speed wind. This is the reason why Uday focused on the tornado shelters which have a toughness against the high speed objection attack. The FRP shelters have been already set in houses.


The materials for the shelter are GFRP (no information regarding fibers and matrix resins).


The impact test was proceeded in NSSA/Texas Tech Debris Impact Test Facility. The test scene is available in the video in the URL above.


There are merits like; easy to form and paint, will enable to be installed as the wall in the current houses.



The points which we need to focus is;



" This technology has the potential of differentiation, maximizing the FRP properties of high toughness against the objection attack."



It should be the good points to be considered below,


– Easy to install

– Easy to paint and form



Usually the cost is the most important point but Uday tried to find out;


" How can we figure out the differentiation about FRP shelters?"



Actually only customers can decide whether the products are cheap, expensive or reasonable. The researchers and engineers don't have to pay attention to the cost too much, I believe.


They should use their head to understand;


"Why do we need to apply FRP applied?"


"What is the advantage of the shelter by applying FRPs?"



The discussion regarding the concept above should be the priority for the researchers and eingineers.




There is little doubt that the basic concept below of the FRP tornado shelters is perfect.


"Would like to save the people's life"



It would be glad for me if you would catch any hint about your work when you consider the FRP products.

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