FRP mechanical property improvement by CNT


SP Nano Ltd. presented the new type of carbon nanotube ( CNT ) which enables to improve the mechanical and physical properties of PAN/phenolic-composites.


Theoretically, CNT has the potential to let FRP composites get the significant higher properties than the conventional systems.


But there is one of the biggest problems regarding nano particles, because it is pretty hard to disperse. The very small particles like CNT tend to agglomerate together. SP NANO Ltd. solves this issue by the new type of CNT.


The engineering press release is opened on the site below.


The name of the CNT is "SP1/CNT". 0.2 – 0.3% addition by weight ratio of SP1/CNT seems to be enough to improve the performance of CF composites. The examples are;


– 80% improvement of interlaminar shear strength of CF/Epoxy

– 250% improvement of interlaminar tensile strength of CF/Phenolic

– 50% peel strength of epoxy adhesion

– 20 degree C glass transition temperature increase of epoxy


These data are summarized below.




It is very interested that physical properties are also improved and this point is very important when we think about the business strategy in the composite industries.


The very important question, need to answer to consider the business strategy in composite area is;


"Why the composite materials need to be applied?"


Light weight and high specific strength are not enough to answer the question.


"What the concept to use composite materials is and try to answer the question the reason of it"


The phrase above is the very important point to discuss at the initial stage. It is not strategic that "Just to use such kind of additives".



SP1/CNT may have the potential to enable you to make the concept reality but you should need to answer the reason why you need to try and use the material, based on your strategy.



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